Escort Larisa

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Phone number420777566756
Breast typeNatural
Weight (kg)60
Height (cm)165
Hair colorBrown
Are you a smokerNo
A lovely charming girl overflowing by the joy of life, proud and extravagant. She likes being pampered. She likes playing, shows herself off and is passionate and sensual. She has a very sympathetic emanation and a good ability to establish contacts. She is a born optimist, A hearty girl full of enthusiasm. She easily gains trust. She is very reliable. She is also creative, gentle, tender, human and good. She tries to live and act ethically impeccable. She does not like conflicts. She follows her goal courageously and with success. She has a strong will and is swift. She likes good food and drink and…

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1 hour - 300 EUR
2 hours - 400 EUR
Night price - - EUR

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